Here is a couple of free tools for golf clubs and all competitive golfers.

LeaderBoard“: Presents an online real time tournament leaderboard.

Gallery“: Golfers are provided a pictorial walk through (Virtual Tour) of an entire round of golf from the golfers perspective. This enables you to study a course from start to finish on your computer or smart phone in preparation for an upcoming tournament.

Upload“: Facilitates the upload of a Virtual Tour “Showcase” series of photos of your entire course or individual Favorite golf course photos that you would like to share.

Golf vacation planning: Assume that you and a group of your buddies are trying to plan a 3 day weekend golf outing to Myrtle Beach which has 100+ golf courses in the area. Wouldn’t it be great if you could come here and take a virtual tour of any of the courses that you are considering.
(Idea) – Contact somebody at the desired club and request that they post a Virtual Tour / showcase here on our website so that you and anybody else can preview it.

I remember playing away matches in high school and not having any idea what the tournament course was going to be like. But now we have the internet and I have built the vehicle to provide the Virtual Tour of any course. All we need is a photo shoot of the course and upload it.

Presentation of beautiful Golf Course scenic photos for your viewing pleasure is also a major focus of our site. These scenic photos will originate from you, our visitors, as you submit your favorite golf course photos. Also professional golf course photographers are invited to submit a favorite or two. This site is very new and I am learning a lot as I go along. Please be patient with me while I put together something we all will like.

Surf through the Favorite photos: Please take a few minutes and look through the favorite photos that other golfers have uploaded to our website, “Gallery” You can vote for the scenes you like the best and leave your comments. As this site matures, hopefully we will have some really beautiful golf course scenery for your viewing pleasure.

Upload your Favorite Photos: Please take your digital camera / smart phone with you to the golf course on your next outing and snap a shot or two of your favorite scenes. Now you need to register with our site and then refer to our instructional page on uploading your photos.

Upload a Showcase: Get your son, daughter, wife or girl friend to ride in the cart with you and do the photo shoot (refer to the blog entry First Showcase for How-To info). The photos in this Virtual Tour remain the property of the submitter. I claim no interest in the ownership of your photos. Should the club management request the removal of a Virtual Tour / Showcase Album of their course it will be done although I can’t understand why they would turn down the free advertising. Visit our “Upload” page for more information.

By George Campbell (09/21/2012)

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